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Explore the Bay Area: Spring Wildflower Hikes

Spring has officially sprung and with it, wildflowers have returned to the Bay Area. A popular destination for tourists and locals alike, the cacophony of color put on by Mother Nature is the perfect adventure for a sunshine-filled spring day.

Explore the Bay Area: Spring Wildflower Hikes
Here are some wildflower destinations in the Bay Area, sure to spruce up your Instagram feed:

Chimney Rock Trail, Point Reyes

In addition to some stunning coastal wildflowers, you might also see some elephant seals, migrating whales, and sea birds while wandering this trail. The 1.75-mile round-trip hike offers incredible views of the coastline and of course – buttercups, poppies, and sun cups as far as the eye can see.

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

With over 3,000 acres to explore, this open space preserve features rolling hills and awe-inspiring views of the San Francisco Bay and Santa Cruz Mountains. In the spring, the trails explode with color as poppies and lupine bloom on the hills.

Mount Diablo State Park

For the more experienced hikers, the payout for your perseverance is a wide-open field filled to the brim with color. Sticky monkeyflower, poppies, and purple Chinese houses all bloom along the steep roads. Also keep an eye out for Mount Diablo fairy lanterns, a rare lily that only blooms along the mountain.

Little Yosemite

Tucked in the East Bay is one of the Bay Area’s best-kept secrets. Featuring great boulders of greenstone, over 40 species of wild birds, and hidden waterfalls, this moderate four-mile hike is an adventure to another land. Get all the goodness of Yosemite without the trek.

Windy Hill

For the early birds, catch the sunrise over the San Francisco Bay by making your way up the 1.8-mile trail at Windy Hill. Watch as the sun paints the wildflowers around you in pinks and golds. Pack a sweatshirt because – you guessed it – this is a windy hike.

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