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Explore the Bay Area: Dog Friendly Hikes

There is no greater motivator on a hike than a furry friend attached to your hip. If you enjoy an afternoon on the trail and love your dog, indulge in the best of both worlds by slipping on your hiking boots. The Bay Area is chock full of options for hikers of all skill levels.

Explore the Bay Area: Dog Friendly Hikes
Here are five hikes in the Bay Area that we love. Follow up with a trip to the brewery, and you have yourself a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Sweeney Ridge Trail
This trail is perfect for those that enjoy an incline challenge. Sweeney Ridge is a hilly hiking area of ridges and ravines with stunning views of the Pacific. The ocean breeze is perfect for when you and your pup work up a sweat. Make sure to check your dog’s ears, nose, and paws for foxtails when you leave. These seed clusters can burrow into your dog’s skin and lead to serious infection.

Presidio of San Francisco
For those that like to hike but also enjoy the comforts of a city close by, the Presidio of San Francisco is a perfect choice. A former U.S. Army Fort, the Presidio is a bit of nature smack dab in the middle of San Francisco. With miles of trails, scenic overlooks, and stunning Golden Gate Bridge views, this destination is a must.

Lands End Trail
One of the best places in San Francisco for a hike is scenic Lands End. Featuring a stone labyrinth and incredible views of the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, and ship wreckage sites, the coastal walkway is a beginner trail walker’s delight. Remember to bring a coat for both you and your pooch. It’s often foggy with a chilly wind off the water.

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve
With over 739-acres in this regional park, Fremont Older Open Space Preserve is truly an open space experience. You’ll see plenty of dogs on this trail, and maybe even some horses. Even on crowded days, this trail is an excellent option for those who like choice. 14.7 miles of hiking trails wind through forests, hills, and scenic overlooks.

Ed R. Levin County Park
Located in the chaparral foothills of Diablo Range east of the Santa Clara Valley is Ed R. Levin County Park. The 1,558-acre park combines the traditional features of an urban park such as picnicking, fishing and play areas, with the complex trail system of many regional wilderness parks. In addition to the trails, there’s also a dog park – so remember to bring a ball or two.

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