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Explore Seattle: Winter Hikes Just Outside the City

The beautiful Pacific Northwest is only made more beautiful by the snow-peaked mountains of winter. Instead of watching the winter from your cozy apartment, take a chance and explore the great outdoors with these stunning winter hikes just a couple of hours outside of Seattle.

Explore Seattle: Winter Hikes Just Outside the City
Fun For the Entire Family
If you’re new to snowshoeing, it’s important to start slow. White Salmon Creek only has an elevation gain of about 300 feet (you are already at 2400 feet being in the Mount Baker area), so it’s perfect for traipsing through the snow with the whole family.

Another great beginner snowshoe hike, the Wenatchee Crest offers beautiful views as well as a pleasant walk through snow-covered foliage. Fairly flat throughout, there is less worry about avalanches in the area.

For the Semi-Experienced
Franklin Falls, North Bend, WA
Without snow its 4 miles round trip, but with snow, it may double depending on how the trailhead is covered. Snowshoes might be necessary, but the stunning view of the falls against a snow backdrop is well worth the hike. Franklin Falls is truly a winter wonderland.

During the summer, this lake is very popular among beachgoers, but winter has its own magical charm. During this snowy retreat, you likely will see some natural ice cave that has formed in the distance.

For the Experienced Climber
This hike is not for the faint of heart. There are many switchbacks through an old-growth forest, but once you make it to the top, the view is absolutely awe-inspiring. At the top, you get to see Sloan and Glacier Peak, along with many others. These snow-capped mountain tops will make you feel one with mother nature.

For dramatic, sweeping views of the snow and cliffs, Skyline Pass is for experienced hikers. With an elevation gain of 1,100 feet, you are surrounded by breathtaking views of Alpine Lakes and Glacier Peaks.

Whether you’re looking for an extreme getaway or a fun-filled outing with the entire family, there are winter hikes that will allow you to enjoy this awe-inspiring part of the country at its fullest. Share your favorite winter escape by sharing on Instagram and following us @prometheus_apartments.