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Explore Seattle: The Best Pizza Spots

There are few things in this world that are close to the perfection of pizza. Luckily for us, some of the best pizza places on the west coast reside in our city limits. Grab a slice and check out these amazing Seattle pizza joints. 

Explore Seattle: The Best Pizza Spots
Delectable Deep Dish

Like finding a needle in the haystack, good deep dish pizza is virtually impossible to find in Seattle. Or is it? Windy City Pie in Phinney Ridge serves up a fantastic deep dish pizza with a wide variety of toppings and that oh-so-perfect crisp crust.

Don’t want to travel that far north? No worries - Windy City’s little brother Breezy Town Pizza resides inside the Clock Out Lounge on Beacon Hill.

Cheese, Please

If you’re a cheese connoisseur or a novice cheese enthusiast, look no further. Pizzeria Credo in West Seattle has a loyal following due to their housemade mozzarella and imported Italian flour that sizzles perfectly in their traditional wood burning stove.

By the Slice

Casual, fun and bright, the Ballard Pizza Company has the perfect ambiance to serve up authentic New York pizza by the slice.

If you’re looking for pizza after the big game, Slice Box Pizza is located right next to the stadiums in downtown and is so overwhelmingly good you can go there regardless of who is playing that day.

Yes, Even Hawaiian Pizza

The underdog of the pizza world, this pineapple topped pie always gets a bad rap. Instead of knocking Hawaiian pizza, try it at Proletariat Pizza in White Center. They cook theirs using spam instead of Canadian bacon!

Paired Well with Wine

It was probably the Godfather who said, “Good pizza should always be paired with fine wine.” Nine Pies Pizzeria in Downtown couldn’t agree more. They pair their thin crust crispy pizza with a wide variety of beverages from Sodo Urban Works.


If you accidentally walk into World Pizza in Pioneer Square as a non-vegetarian, you wouldn’t know it. This delicious pizza joint serves vegetarian pizza so well even the most carnivorous among us couldn’t complain.

Eastside Eats

The pizza at Flying Saucer Pizza is, yes, out of this world. With cool retro-futuristic decor, it’s worth the trip to Redmond just to check out the space-themed merchandise while diving into a pie.

Looking for something more traditional instead? Topolino’s Pizza in Bellevue has everything your authentic pizzeria heart desires, down to the checkerboard tablecloths, a full Italian menu and even vegan options.

Where is your favorite pizza spot in the Seattle area? Share your pizza parties with us on social by following us @prometheus_apartments or tagging your photos with #SeasonsOfUs.