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Explore Seattle: Dog Friendly Hikes

Perhaps it’s no surprise to those of us who live here, but Seattle has more dogs than children. In a 2011 U.S. Census, it was revealed that there were approximately 153,000 dogs to 107,178 kids. We love our dogs, and now that the weather is nice we want to take them exploring.

Explore Seattle: Dog Friendly Hikes
Lucky for us, there are several dog-friendly hikes within an hour of city limits, just for you and your best canine friend.

Rattlesnake Ledge
Moderate to difficult, Rattlesnake Ledge provides absolutely stunning views once you get to the top. Just an hour or so from Seattle, this 6.6-mile trail lets you and your leashed pooch enjoy panoramic views of the nearby mountains and valleys. Watch out for mischievous chipmunks though. They have been known to steal food and taunt dogs!

Red Top Lookout
This all-skills level trail is great for seasoned and novice hikers alike. Only 1.5 miles, you and your furry friend can enjoy meandering while enjoying a breathtaking 360-degree view of surrounding mountains. During the summer months, you’re welcome to visit the lookout which is staffed by volunteers from 9am-6pm.

Tonga Ridge
This 5.4-mile trail is suitable for all levels and blooms in nature's splendor every spring and summer. Even in the fall, you’ll find wild berries and changing leaves. It’s recommended that you come early on the weekends, as this is a highly sought-after trail.

Cougar Mountain Trails
With a plethora of trails to choose from, Cougar Mountain provides a wide variety of trails for all levels. Located just outside of Issaquah, enjoy not only the hikes but popular Boehm’s Candies afterward as a reward. Don’t give your chocolate to your dog though!

Washington Park Arboretum
Not able to leave the city? The arboretum is a lush green space provided right in the heart of the city. There are miles of trails that showcase a wide variety of trees, water views, botanical gardens, and even a Japanese garden. If your dog is comfortable on a boat, this place features kayaks and canoeing as well.

These short getaways from the city are just what the veterinarian ordered!