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Embrace the Outdoors: 6 Fun Ideas

Break out the shorts, sunscreen, and outdoor fun because summer is finally here. Accompanying this perfect weather are some much-needed activities to keep everyone engaged. Instead of getting into the long line of those trying to rent a tennis court or diving in the crowded community pool, consider some alternative fun-in-the-sun activities.

Embrace the Outdoors: 6 Fun Ideas
Let’s get your summer started.

Squirt Gun Fight
Buy a pack of cheap squirt guns, and you’ve got a jam-packed day of super soaked fun. Instead of painful paintball, this can be fun for all parties and cools you down, too. There are also many squirt gun games you can play that involve ingenuity and collaboration.

Bocce Ball
This isn’t your grandfather’s game anymore. Strike up a friendly competition with some Neighbors and get rolling out on the courts. Most of our Neighborhoods even have bocce ball courts on site! Don’t be afraid to get a little competitive, and bring snacks to make it a whole afternoon event.

Ultimate Obstacle Course
Want to get your heart rate up? Compete in an obstacle course of your choosing with your friends. Using cones, trash bin lids, and even ladders, you can get your heart pumping by timing each other through these courses. You can get as creative as you want, or explore tutorials online to make the perfect make-shift jungle gym of your dreams. Who says playgrounds are just for kids?

The Hunt for Treasure
Having a scavenger hunt of sorts (premade or written by you!) is great for your co-workers or friends to giggle in delight as they try and figure out clues. Is there treasure at the end of your map? Wine popsicles (or regular ones, too) make a great motivator!

Lawn Games
If you head out to a retailer these days, you’ll find your choice of lawn games to select from. Outdoor tic-tac-toe, corn hole, ring toss, lawn bowling – the options are endless. Pick up a couple and spread out in the park for a fun afternoon with friends. Split into teams and keep score to form a tournament-like mentality.

Water Tug of War
Are you near a pool or large body of water this summer? The stakes have never been higher in this tug of war. Get two evenly matched teams and start playing tug of war over a body of water, whether it’s a pool or a lake. Don’t fall in or your team loses.

What summer activities keep you outside in the sun? Share yours with us on social @prometheus_apartments.