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Embrace the Cozy: Hygge Your Home

Have you heard the term hygge? It’s the Danish word for that warm and cozy feeling of contentment you get when you’re comfortable in your home, surrounded by a mound of blankets and sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

Embrace the Cozy: Hygge Your Home
Your home is the ultimate sanctuary that you return to over and over again. Having stylistic pieces are important for a conversation starter, but comfort is queen when living day-to-day. Give yourself a hygge upgrade with these ideas that will cozy up your home.

First Impressions
When you or your loved ones walk into your home, what is the first thing that catches their eye? Consider scanning your entry space for ways to make it seem more inviting. If you walk into your living room, move your furniture to open up space so that guests can go directly from your door to your cozy couch filled with fluffy pillows without hitting their leg on a side table.

Add the Right Light
It’s no secret that light can affect our mood. Make sure you have appropriate lighting in each room and space for maximum comfort and usability. Reading lamps shouldn’t be considered harsh lights, especially if you’re trying to go to sleep soon after, while your living room can have different sources of light as one spends a lot of time there for a variety of reasons. Try bistro lights for a soft glow in the bedroom, and lower wattage bulbs in the living room for a relaxing evening wind down.

Find your Nook
There’s a reason why booths at restaurants are popular, or why you may feel most secure when cozied up in a corner of a room. People love having comfortable nooks where they feel safe and warm. Create a designated nook in your house just for you. It can be a kitchen nook where you can read your morning news or a soft evening cozy chair with your favorite book and extra soft throw pillows.

We specialize in perfecting the ultimate cozy nook at our Neighborhoods. Check out the Think Tank at Trestle Apartments, where you can hole up in a booth designed to inspire productivity. Or kick back in one of the private booths in the Park Place Apartments clubhouse with a favorite book. Find the nook at your Neighborhood, and get cozy.

Delight your Senses
Making your home comfortable can mean going beyond the visual and tactile sensations. Don’t forget that smell and sound creates a feeling of contentment as well. There are tried-and-true scents like lavender or eucalyptus that bring a sense of refreshing calm or consider the act of cooking to delight the senses while producing a hearty meal. For a relaxing backdrop noise, have a small but delightful water feature bubbling in your living space.

Buy for Style and Comfort
This may go without saying, but purchasing items to outfit your home should look good and often feel good too. If you find yourself not being able to sit on your couch for too long, or shifting around in your dining room chair, perhaps it’s time to reconsider what is the most important part of enjoying your home.

Making your home cozy should not only be a feast for the eyes, but it should also be a comfortable and freeing experience for the rest of your senses, too! What’s your favorite cozy spot? Share with us on Instagram by following @prometheus_apartments.