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Embrace Green Living

We are only a couple of weeks away from the first official day of spring! To usher in the Season of Grow, we've put together a list of ways to embrace green living in your home. Here are a few basics to start your spring off right.

green living in your apartment home
Change Your Lightbulbs
Changing your light bulbs to CFL or LED lights is a quick, easy and inexpensive fix that will help you conserve energy and reduce your environmental footprint. Bonus - updated lightbulbs can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. 

Eliminate Single-Use Items
With more businesses becoming eco-conscious, the market is flooded with options to replace popular single-use items in your home. Ditch the plastic straw, and try a stainless steel straw instead. Use refillable glass bottles for hand soap and dish soap. Our favorite? Try wrapping your sandwich with beeswax wrap. Not only is it adorable, but it will also keep your food fresh time and time again. 

It’s the Little Things
Little changes in your home can add up to something big. Between using reusable microfiber towels instead of paper towels to canceling the junk mail that piles up in your mailbox, there are many small changes that will make a big impact. Here are some other green ideas to try:
  • Try shampoo bars instead of using bottles
  • Stop using single use coffee cups
  • Always bring your reusable bag to shop
  • Buy products that come in less packaging
  • Wrap gifts in reusable wrapping materials
Shop Vintage and Homemade
Now more than ever, it's crucial to support our small, local businesses. Shopping vintage is a great way to cut down on mass production while filling your home with cute and interesting pieces. Hop online and see what deals you can scoop near you. 

Hello Houseplants
Did you know that houseplants can actually improve your air quality? The snake plant was even named one of the top air-purifying plants by a clean air study powered by NASA. So, not only are you adding some color and charm to your apartment when you indulge in your plant-lady habits, you're doing your part to bring cleaner air home. 

How are you welcoming the Season of Grow into your home? We'd love to see your green spaces. Follow us @prometheus_apartments and tag us in your photos.