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Edible Flower Inspiration: Recipes and Ideas

Flowers aren’t just for planting in your garden. Have you heard about edible flowers? That’s right. They’re flowers – that you can eat. Not only do they pack some extra flavor into your dish (or drink!) of choice, they also add a springtime feel to your presentation. Edible flowers are the perfect final touch to your next May get-together.  

Edible Flower Inspiration
Here are five ways to incorporate edible flowers into your menu: 

Candied Rose Petals
Not only are these confections stunningly beautiful, but they are also a sweet addition to your cakes or cupcakes. Remove the rose petals carefully, brush with egg wash, and then sprinkle with sugar immediately. Allow the petals to dry for 24 hours. Place on top of your strawberry shortcake, or place them out as an after dinner treat.

Flower Popsicles
Almost too sweet to eat, these frozen treats are perfect for an afternoon by the pool. The trick with these popsicles is to treat them a bit like tea. Select your flowers of choice, heat with sugar and water over medium heat, and let the flowers steep to get enough flavor into your icy treats. Remove the boiled flowers, and add fresh ones for decoration instead. If you’re just looking for a dash of color in your drink, add flowers to ice cubes and drop them in your lemonade.

Violet Macarons
Macarons are dainty, sweet, and a crowd pleaser. Violet macarons? You can’t lose. These delicate morsels are picture perfect and go great with tea or coffee. Serve them up with some fresh whipped cream on the side and you have a weekend brunch favorite.

Lavender Honey Cake
Nothing goes better with citrus than a touch of lavender. Add some cream and honey, and you have a cake that is to die for. Make your own custard or pick some up at the grocery, and serve the cake still warm with some ice cold custard on the side. Top with dried lavender and find a nice spot on the patio. It doesn’t get better than this.

Lemon Yogurt Parfait
Fresh lemon yogurt. Crunchy granola. Colorful pansies and citrusy carnations. This parfait might as well be spring in a bowl. Be sure the flowers you are using have not been sprayed with any sort of garden chemicals. Collect from your own garden or a friends' where you can easily trace how the plants have been treated. This parfait is not only delicious – it sure does look pretty, too.

We can’t wait to see what sweet concoctions you come up with this spring! Share your flower power edible arrangements with us by following us on social @prometheus_apartments and tag with #seasonsofus.