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Eco-Friendly Amenities: Green Living at Prometheus

We’ve been going green for almost as long as we’ve been creating Neighborhoods. As a certified B Corporation, we take good living seriously. Good living for you, good living for our communities, and good living for the planet. Eco-friendly amenities and design elements are integral to building lasting Neighborhoods that give back to the one home we all share—Earth.

green living in your apartment home
Inside Your Home
It’s the little things that make the difference and we delight in the details. With certified energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, Energy Star certified appliances, and smart thermostats—every inch of the design has been crafted with green living in mind.
Every home in our Neighborhoods is also non-smoking with upgraded HVAC filtration. So you can rest easy and breathe easy too.

What’s Good In The Neighborhood
We believe that a key to good living is having space to roam right in your backyard. Our Neighborhoods feature expansive green space with plenty of hidden trails and bubbling waterways. Mindful landscaping means that 95% of our plants used are drought tolerant. Consider our grounds your own private parkscape. Some of our Neighborhoods also have a community garden, with freshly harvested fruit and vegetables available to Neighbors each week.

Dedicated EV chargers will power you through your commute, and our solar power gives a boost of sunshine to our Neighborhood.

Our on-site recycling programs and Green Rooms help our Neighbors do their part with a little surprise and delight along the way. The next time you swing by one of our Neighborhoods, take a peek in a Green Room. We dare you not to smile.

We continue to strive towards LEED certification with our Neighborhoods, a framework for healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving green buildings. Some of our communities like Cobalt, The Dean, and Raleigh Slabtown have already achieved certification.

Green living is a choice for the greater good. At Prometheus, we’re proud to include sustainable living and eco-friendly design in our Neighborhoods.