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Drink and Be Merry: Eight Easy Holiday Drink Recipes

Whether you’re picking up bartending duties at a friend’s potluck or hosting your own holiday shindig, a party isn’t complete without festive drinks. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole night with a cocktail shaker in hand or struggling to stick crushed peppermint to the rim of champagne flutes. Here are some easier options (with and without alcohol) that will wow guests and free up more time to mingle and have some fun of your own.

Drink and Be Merry: Eight Easy Holiday Drink Recipes
Feeling Bubbly: Alcoholic Recipes

Instant Pot Mulled Wine: Yes, making your mulled wine on the stovetop fills your whole home with a deliciously festive fragrance, but really, who has time for that these days? Instant Pots are all the rage for good reason—they make everything super easy! Including this cozy drink for frosty winter nights.

Cran-Apple Sangria: Not too sweet and light on the alcohol makes this a perfect option for afternoon gatherings. Mix it up ahead of time and it looks lovely in a glass pitcher. Guests can easily serve themselves.

Christmas Punch: For a host, nothing is easier than a punch. Make it ahead, then place it on the table just before the first guest arrives. Keep some backup in the fridge for refills. Done. This one calls for cranberry-filled ice cubes which are just as merry, but easier to fit in the freezer, than traditional ice rings.

Lemon Drop Champagne Punch: Add some class to your New Year’s party with this beautiful, celebratory punch. After weeks of red-and-green themed drinks, the crisp yellow is a refreshing change.

Cider Rum Punch: Cider is a classic crowd pleaser. Mix in the rum, or let guests add their own. This one can even do double duty as a non-alcoholic, and even kid-friendly, drink option.

Fruity & Fun: Non-Alcoholic Recipes

Sparkling Pomegranate Punch: You didn’t think we’d leave out the pomegranates, did you? We love this recipe because you can simply leave out the vodka, sub sparkling water for the prosecco and, voila! You have a fun non-alcoholic drink. Don’t forget to leave time for the homemade ice ring on this one—it’s worth it.

Grapefruit Rosemary Mocktail: Guests who aren’t drinking the hard stuff deserve to have some fun too. Treat them right with this gorgeous mocktail. And, once you’ve made the rosemary simple syrup you’ll find lots of other uses for it—delish!

Kumquat and Pink Pepper Spritzer Mocktail: You’ll need to make another simple syrup for this one. But kumquats! Pink peppercorns! Your guests will be talking about this stunner for years.