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DIY Your Own Spring Wreath

Who says wreaths are only for the holiday season? Bring a little springtime to your doorstep by creating your very own spring wreath with fresh (or false) flowers. Whether you’re looking for something bright and beautiful, or elegant and sophisticated, DIY wreaths are easy, affordable, and a great activity for the whole family.

DIY Your Own Spring Wreath
Grab your glue gun and take a look at some ideas below:

Less is More
Simple yet stunning, minimalist hoop wreaths are all the rage. You can use real greenery or fake – whatever your preference. Spray paint your hoop the color of your choice for an added pop, or make multiple from different sizes to give your door more depth. Hula hoops make great oversized wreath bases – perfect décor for an Easter brunch or outdoor picnic.

Boho Inspo
For a little bohemian inspiration, add ribbons of different color, thickness, and texture to your wreath. It adds a dreamy vibe and is the perfect way to capitalize on your interior color palette. These wreaths make great hostess gifts.

A Little Bit of Everything
Spice up the shape of your wreath by skipping the hoop and using a yard tool instead. Place blooms in an old watering can, loop wire around the handle, and hang over your door. Other tools that make perfect wreath bases? Grain sifters, galvanized funnels, mop buckets, and old, recycled cans.

Plant the Seed
Your wreath doesn’t need to be constructed out of flowers to make an impact. Try a different medium, like this wreath made of adorable, vintage seed packets. You can order specialty seeds online from retailers like Amazon or Etsy, or pick some up from your local hardware store. This wreath is a great addition to any garden, shed, or balcony doorway.

Spring is the perfect time of year to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Share your creations by following us on Instagram and tagging your photos with @prometheus_apartments.