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Deck the Halls: Apartment Friendly Holiday Decorations

Depending on the size and layout, decorating an apartment for the holidays can be a tricky business. You may not have room for that eight-foot tree, but there is always space for a little extra holiday cheer – no matter how you celebrate.  

Deck the Halls: Apartment Friendly Holiday Decorations
Pass the eggnog: here are some stunning ideas to spruce up your apartment for the holiday season.

Bookshelf Mantle

Take one look at any holiday movie and it’s centered around a gorgeous fireplace. With the stockings hanging, the collection of candles and tree trimmings, it can be quite a sight to behold. Whether you have a mantle ripe for decorating or want to create a “mock mantle” of your own, there’s no end to the potential.

No fireplace? Take the top of your bookshelf and transform it into your very own holiday-themed mantle. You can stack your books up like a tree, place a collection of candles and holly, hang craft paper snowflakes and so much more.

Mini Forest

You may not have space for a fully-fledged tree on your living room floor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be at maximum festivity. Create a miniature “forest” as a centerpiece at your dining room table, or place tiny trees along one of your bookshelves. These trees can be created by taking tree branch clippings and putting them in small vases, or purchase fake tiny trees at your local craft store.

Need a little magic? Buy some twinkle lights to wrap around the trees for some extra holiday glow.

Space-Saving Kitchen Cheer

Home is where the food is! The kitchen is usually the place where most of the action takes place, so it should obviously have a holiday makeover too. Many apartment kitchens are not necessarily spacious, however. Due to this, it’s best to decorate upward. Consider putting giant bows or decorative wreaths on your cabinets instead of cluttering up essential counter space.

Details That Last Throughout the Winter

It seems a shame to take down all of that holiday joy after just a couple of weeks. There are subtle decorations that can last throughout the winter to keep your heart warm. Instead of dragging a tree to the curb, fill up a decorative or clear glass bowl with metallic globes or ornaments for a modest and modern touch. Is your couch looking a little bare? There are beautifully vibrant tartan or plaid pillows that remind us of snowy mountain cabins as you take your post-holiday nap.

Whether you want a little sparkle or the whole nine yards of holiday cheer, decorating an apartment may take a little creativity but can make a wonderful impact throughout the holiday season.

Deck the Halls: Apartment Friendly Holiday Decorations