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Creative Egg Decorating Ideas

Time and time again, we see the same egg decorating designs every Easter. Whether your egg decorating is kid-friendly, or you’d like to be an egg-decorating connoisseur, sometimes, stepping it up a notch will make any spring party that much more festive.

Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
Here are some amazing egg dying and decorating tips:

Floral Tattoos
Believe it or not, you can use temporary tattoos as a way to decorate your eggs! These days there are delicate floral designs (along with the classics, like flames or skull and crossbones if you’re looking for a rock and roll style). You can apply a temporary tattoo on an egg just how you would to your own skin, with just a little warm water.

Do the Polka
Take a trip to your local craft store and find a packet of circular sponges for this delightful take on egg decoration. Fun for the whole family, take your sponge and dip it in acrylic paint and put dots evenly all over your egg. This trick also works on different types of surfaces, so if you find yourself going polka dot crazy, consider picking up some paper eggs at the craft store as well!

Festive Acrylic Paint
Use your egg as a canvas by painting floral scenes on the shell. From abstract to detailed, use pastel colors to stick with the same color palette and experiment with the brush strokes.

The Secret is Olive Oil
For some beautiful speckled eggs, add olive oil to your egg dye for some wonderfully unique outcomes. If you’re looking for a little extra shimmer, you can add some edible dust on your oily egg for some shine.

Family Faces
For an extra special surprise, consider printing out some of your family members and gluing them to your eggs and decorate around them with a colorful pattern frame. If nothing else, it will certainly bring a bit of fun and laughter to your family gathering.

The Golden (or Silver!) Egg
This is not just a fable. You can create your own golden eggs with gold, silver or copper foil, available at many craft stores. Whether you want just a speckle of bling or a cover the whole egg, you can use as much or as little as your decorating eye allows.

Go Natural
If you’re not a fan of store-bought egg dye, you can create your own at home using natural ingredients. Boil turmeric, yellow onions, and red cabbage with vinegar and then drop your eggs in. Let the eggs sit overnight, and you’ll have some naturally dyed Easter eggs perfect for your Spring table.

Enjoy this beautiful spring season with these colorful egg decorating tips and share your creations with us @prometheus_apartments.