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Celebrate Spring With Brunch At Home

There are few things better than a good brunch. And what better way to celebrate the Season of Grow than by growing your brunch palette. So pop open the prosecco, pour a mimosa, and settle in for some tips to get your at-home brunch started.  

DIY Spring brunch
Keep it Simple - But Add A Twist

Everyone loves the simplicity of a brunch menu. But you can spice up some old-school fan favorites with a quirky twist. Instead of traditional pancakes, try creating a Dutch Baby with powdered sugar. Instead of traditional cinnamon rolls, add some orange zest into the batter and frosting. Even the pickiest of eaters in your family (hello, toddlers) may find something new they enjoy.

Bagel Bar

When was the last time you had a good bagel? Skip the toaster and cream cheese and set up a bagel bar instead. Offer a variety of spreads from creamy Nutella to onion and chive cream cheese (no need to mix those). Add lox, cheeses, and other unconventional toppings like sprinkles and chocolate chips. Deli meats are a great addition for a heartier breakfast bagel and add some mozzarella and pepperoni for a mouth-watering pizza bagel. The options are endless. 

Miniature Brunch

Do you ever feel like you never quite order the right thing? Try making miniaturized food items so you and your family can have a little bit of everything. Try silver dollar pancakes, a dollop of scrambled, seasoned eggs on miniature toasts, or petite bigs in a blanket. For a little spring-themed goodness, make a bird's nest out of hashbrowns. Sausage slices make it easier to share the wealth, and for bacon - just kidding, you can make bacon (whether it be the real or vegan versions) at regular size. We can guarantee the bacon will go quick.  

What is your go-to brunch? Is it the fancy coffee drinks that make your day or a veggie frittata? Share your favorite with us on Instagram @prometheus_apartments.