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Catch Some ZZZs: 5 Tips on Getting Sleep in Your Apartment

If you live in an apartment (and you probably do if you’re reading this blog), you know that communal living sometimes comes with noise. Follow our expert tips to see how to cope with noise in your apartment when you’re trying to sleep.

Talk with noisy neighbors

As living creatures, we all create some noise in our day-to-day. But your Neighbors might be able to do a few simple things (like not wearing high heels inside) that could help. If your Neighbors are making a lot of preventable noise, calmly tell them what’s going on and ask to partner together on a solution. Your apartment manager can also provide assistance if you’re not sure how to start.

In the event of an extenuating circumstance (like a big bash after midnight), call your Neighborhood’s courtesy patrol or the non-emergency police line for immediate assistance.

Just remember that even the best-built apartments will have some sound transference, and it’s not realistic to expect complete silence.

Easy ways to drown out noise in an apartment

  • Move (in your bedroom). If you have the space, some creative rearranging could pay big dividendZZZ. Determine where the most noise comes from and move your bed away from that area. If you’re bothered by landscaping work, for example, relocate your bed to an interior wall – even a shared wall could be an improvement. Move a bookshelf or dresser to the offending wall to absorb some sound.
  • Find fabric. Put down a plush rug to help with noise that comes from below – it will help even if you already have carpeted floors. For exterior noise, hang some thick curtains (check with your apartment manager to see what’s allowed first). Think velvet or suede … or if that’s not your style, try these curtains.
  • Make noise of your own. We’re not talking about pounding on the walls (please don’t do that!). White noise often works wonders. Purchase an inexpensive white noise maker, turn on a fan or download an app for your phone, and get noisy. Bonus: Your body will eventually associate this white noise with sleep, which means you’ll start feeling drowsy as soon as it turns on.
  • Sleep clean. Practicing proper sleep hygiene (like going to bed around the same time each day) won’t drown out noise in your apartment, but it will help your body better weather any sleep-time disturbances.

Yawn. We’re getting heavy-lidded from talking so much about sleep. Enjoy your new quietude!