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Bring Spring Blooms Inside Your Apartment

A woman reaches into a flower stand to retrieve a vibrant orange blossom

Spring has finally sprung, and everything’s coming up roses. Trees are budding and blooming all over the place. But why should all the fun be outside? We just learned that even looking at pictures of nature makes people happier. So, shake off that wintry chill and bring some spring inside this season. We’ve got five fun ways to spruce up your rooms with flowery springtime statements. They’re sure to elevate your mood and won’t cost you much green.

Think outside the bouquet: Bringing spring flowers inside can be so much more than bunching wads of blooms in predictable vases. A tiny teacup with a colorful springtime sprig or burst of ranunculus packs a punch. Better yet, make it a trio of teacup-sized blooms. They work well in apartments, where space is a premium, but still make a big impression.

Simple goes far: Even plain, glass column vases you can find at a dollar store can look cheerfully elegant and ready for spring. Put some pebbles or river rocks at the bottom, fill with just a few inches of water and add one or two cut stems to stand inside, like daffodils or tulips. Try to vary the widths and heights and cluster together for more of an impact, like we learned from The Days of The Chic.

Add height: Tall branches take your eye upward and help give the illusion of space, which is a plus for apartments. Look for taller pieces like forsythia or cherry blossom branches and pop them into an upcycled (read: free) apple juice jug, like this great idea from A Cultivated Nest.

Life will give you lemons: Lemons are great for so many reasons. They’re inexpensive, which is a good place to start. Plus, they smell like warm weather and good times. They’re colorful, versatile and always nice to have on hand when you need a twist for a cocktail. So of course, you should think of decorating with them. Clean lemon yellow brings a pop of spring color, and you can also slice them and nest between two glass vases just waiting to be filled with blooms, like we found on Country Living. You could even mix in some lines or mandarin oranges for more pops of color.

Color without flowers: We get it, not everybody has a spring thumb. Here’s how to get bloom-inspired color without worrying about keeping something alive. Grab some sticks and branches from nature (don’t go snipping unobliging trees, please – we’re talking things that have already fallen and are manageable sizes), then paint them with craft acrylics in vibrant colors to display in a clear container. For inspiration, check out this custom light fixture in the Creative Suite (model) at Hearth apartments in Santa Clara.

An apartment with a couch and a lamp made of colored branches

Happy spring!