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Books and Novels to Explore in 2019

Does one of your New Year's resolutions include diving into interesting new novels? Between books that make you feel like you’re living in rural Alaska to suspense-filled murder mysteries, these captivating stories will make even the most skeptical of critics love to read again. Get cozy the rest of this winter with a giant blanket, a mug of herbal tea, and a riveting read.

Books and Novels to Explore in 2019
  • Ever want to live in the idyllic snowy landscapes of Alaska? The book The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivy is a haunting look into the life of a couple who battle the harsh northern winters while witnessing an ethereal child visitor of the snow.
  • With equal parts humor and humanity, Calypso, the latest book of essays by humorist David Sedaris, captures the absurdity of life and the looming realities of getting older all in one fell swoop.
  • So many secrets, so little time. In Julia Kelly’s historical fiction novel The Light Over London, readers will discover a series of diaries with too many unanswered questions while being a woman in the British army during World War II.
  • When you’re a professional cat burglar, you may get a little too confident at times. In the highly rated mystery thriller, Absolute Power by David Baldacci, a burglar gets trapped in his latest thievery jobs bedroom closet. While stuck with no way out, he witnesses a high-profile murder.
  • The YA novel, Opposite Of Always by Justin A. Reynolds pulls all the emotional stops. From not making varsity to less-than-perfect grades, Jack keeps trying his best and falls short. During a party, he meets a girl that has everything he’s looking for. Will he be able to rise to the challenge of falling in love?
Whether you’re reading light-hearted fiction before bed, or richly engrossed in a story on a long plane ride, 2019 is the year books are making a major comeback—so get to reading!