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Bird Houses & Flannel: Observations from our Creative Suites

Renting an apartment should be interesting, different and certainly not a chore.

With that in mind, we’ve created something a little different than the traditional model apartment. We call them our “Creative Suites.”

Over the years, our Creative Suites have evolved, and their designs vary Neighborhood to Neighborhood. But regardless of the specific items within, each Creative Suite is designed to help you think creatively and explore the possibilities.

Bird Houses & Flannel: Observations from our Creative SuitesOur most recent Creative Suites embrace the spirit of Indoorsmanship – all the things we love outside, now inside the apartment:

  • Peek into a closet packed with camping gear and flannel.
  • And then there are rock pillows, hanging plants, origami animals, bird watching gear, decorative oars, firewood, grass pillows, a picnic basket for a trip abroad (complete with Spanish scrabble) and assorted camping lanterns.
  • Finally, a bedroom decorated with a teepee tent, or mountain pillows and a Swiss flag to remind us of the alpine dream.
  • We also add in some unexpected touches in places like the washer and dryer.  But we’re not going to give away all the surprises. You’ll have to come see them for yourself!

We hope you find our Creative Suites intriguing and fun, and that it feels like home: where the journey begins, and where the journey ends.