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Back To School: At Home Edition

Back to school looks a little bit different this year. Whether you’re teaching out of your living room or hooking your kids up to Zoom and stepping back, we have a few ideas on how to turn your apartment home into a study sanctuary.

Back To School: At Home Edition
Set The Space
Whether you have a dedicated office for your kiddos or a section of your living room, set up space where your little student has enough room to take notes and spread out. Bonus: Set up a bulletin board where they can proudly display their work, or hang up notes for reference.

Headphones Are Your Friend
Invest in a good pair of over-the-ear headphones for those all-day video chats. They are gentler on the ear and often have the benefit of being noise-canceling. Your student will be able to be fully engrossed in the lesson, and you can catch up on your own Zoom meetings.

Inspired By Nature
You’d be surprised at what lessons are in nature. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and teach your kids about cloud formations, weather patterns, the lifecycles of plants and trees, and local wildlife. There’s a whole host of information just outside your front door, and the kids can burn some energy while you’re at it.

Take It Easy
Remember, you don’t have to get this perfect on the first try. This year has been topsy turvy and we are all adjusting to the new normal. Teachers don’t expect you to build a volcano science experiment every single week. You are doing your best, and that’s all anyone can ask for.

How are you setting up your space for back to school success? We’d love to see your set-ups at @prometheus_apartments.