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Autumn at the Seattle Farmers Markets

It’s time to layer on the flannel! Fall is here in Seattle, and so is the fresh bounty that accompanies it. Whether you’re baking an apple pie, collecting hand-knitted scarves, or are looking for seasonal greens to throw in a hearty soup, Seattle farmers markets are filled to the brim with some local finds.

Autumn at the Seattle Farmers Markets
The Bounty of Ballard’s Farmers Market

The neighborhood of Ballard is home to quirky establishments, an industrial history of canals and waterways, and one of the best year-round farmers markets in the city. Surrounded by coffee shops, retail stores, and restaurants, you can move through the historic neighborhood while shopping for fresh fall produce. Need your weekly sweet potato fix? Check their website to see updates on who will be selling what.

The Ballard Farmers Market is open year-round every Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

Crave Community at Capitol Hill Farmers Market

Opened year-round, Capitol Hill Farmers Market has had some long-time produce sellers, along with a rotation of delicious baked goods and local artisans. Located on the main street of Broadway and easily accessible from the new Link light rail station, this farmers market has a connected and community feel. If you’re looking for a perfect centerpiece to accompany your mom’s meatloaf recipe, this is your spot.

Capitol Hill Farmers Market is year-round on Sundays from 11am to 3pm.

Go Wild at the West Seattle Farmers Market

If you don’t mind heading a little south, the West Seattle farmers market has excellent food and artistic vendors. Set up right in the heart of the Junction next to Seattle mainstay, Easy Street Records, this market closes off the entire street so you can enjoy the fun without traffic whizzing by. Bring your bike for a fun fall ride with the family.

West Seattle Farmers Market is open every Sunday throughout the year at 10am to 2pm.

Pine Over Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is often overlooked by locals, but one of Seattle’s tourist must-sees is also a notable place to get fresh fish, support artists, and stay dry during the wet months. Pike Place Market is booming in the summer, but when fall rolls around, this market can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. This is well worth the trip to walk throughout the historic buildings for some tucked away shops as well. Enjoy freshly caught seafood and seriously impress your neighbors at the weekend potluck.

Pike Place Market is open 9am to 5pm, seven days a week.

Visiting a farmers market helps us get outside during the cooler months and taste delicious in-season produce. Go in with an open mind, and discover new recipes along the way. Supporting local small businesses helps our community thrive, and gives you everything you need to have a cozy dinner at home.

See you at the markets!

Autumn at the Seattle Farmers Markets