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Apartment Living Etiquette for Good Neighbors

Promethean Neighbors are pretty great – they're share a cup of sugar, hold open the door, and give your pet an extra pat.

With National Good Neighbor Day coming up on September 28, we got to thinking about what else make a good Neighbor. It turns out that apartment courtesy rules are pretty easy to follow. Actually, “rules” might not be the best word. We prefer to think of it as proper etiquette for apartment living.

We've put together some tips for apartment living etiquette so you can spread some good Neighbor vibes around:

  • Roll it out: If you're not on the ground floor, be sure you have some cushy rugs in each room. Not only do rugs feel good under your feet, they're also good for your downstairs Neighbors' ears. Area rugs keep footsteps and voices more muffled, and nobody wants to hear clomping around overhead all day or night. Bonus: Rugs will help reduce the sound that transfers into your home, too.
  • Turn it down: We all like to rock out to some JT when it's time to clean. (Or is that just us?) But remember: Your Neighbors might not be into that right when you are. Keep music volume reasonable, or plug in some headphones when you feel the urge to crank it up.
  • Stop over: It really helps to know the people who live near you. We have lots of chances for Neighbors to meet each other, like poolside get-togethers and holiday parties. But think about making a personal connection on your own, or even bringing by some cookies or treats to welcome new faces.
  • Share a head's up: If you're going to have a get-together, that's great. Just do the courteous Neighbor thing and let those around you know. Or better yet, invite them over. Either way, be sure to keep your head count and noise down to neighborly levels (especially after dark), and clean up when you're done.
  • Park it: Good Neighbor behavior extends outside your apartment, too. If you have reserved parking, be sure to park your vehicle there instead of guest parking (or in someone else's spot!). Don't speed through parking areas, excessively honk or peel in or out.
  • Leave no trace: Help Fido be a good Neighbor by cleaning up after him outside. To help, we provide pet stations at each of our Neighborhoods.

Good Neighbors also support their local communities, which is why we created Our Front Porch – the Promethean Outreach and Community Help program. Prometheus Neighborhoods are active parts of bigger communities, and Neighbors (us included!) should help each other, after all.