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A Spooky, Socially Distanced Holiday: Halloween At Home

Like most things in 2020, Halloween looks different this year. While some are participating with socially-distanced Trunk or Treat celebrations, others are staying at home with some themed movies and private bowls of candy. However you are celebrating this year, here are some fun and safe ways to celebrate the holiday. 

(Save some peanut butter cups for us!)

A Spooky, Socially Distanced Holiday Halloween At Home
 Create Spooky Snacks 
Since you're not going to be out partying it up, delight in Instagram-worthy spooky snacks at home. Decorate your Brie to look like a mummy with olive eyes, or take a big bite of homemade “worm” pasta. If there are kids in your household, get them to participate by spookify-ing their favorite snacks. Pretzel sticks make great spider legs and raisins can be seriously creepy eyeballs if done right. Creating Halloween-themed food is almost as fun as eating it!
Don't Forget Dessert 
You can have more than just candy lying around the house. Create fondant witch hat cupcakes, or pumpkin ice cream sandwiches. If you're looking for a sweet cocktail, there are some excellent recipes on how to concoct a witches brew with apricot nectar and sparkling wine. Put a smile on your family’s face with an apple cider float - apple bobbing optional. 
Scary Movie Marathon 
Not one sized scary movie fits all! Perhaps you love more slapstick humor horror or vintage classics. What about innovative films that keep you guessing like Get Out or The Cabin in the Woods? If you're not into spooky, there are many light-hearted Halloween themed movies (Hocus Pocus, anyone?) or silly commentary from Mystery Science Theater that will keep you smiling. Try an outdoor viewing on your porch or balcony with plenty of blankets and snacks for some family fun.
Virtual Halloween Party 
You only have to dress from the waist up, but that's half the fun! Create a virtual Halloween party for your friends and their kids by hosting a costume contest, a Halloween-themed trivia game, or just hanging out with your friends over drinks and a bag of candy.
Spread the Halloween Cheer 
Spread the scary and 'Boo!' your Neighbor. You can handcraft something sweet, or put together a friendly box of candy to drop off on a Neighbors doorstep. Some other ideas that are more treat than trick: homemade rice Krispie treats, a bouquet of autumnal blooms, or colorful cookies. 
Afternoon Halloween Fun 
Of course, Halloween is usually celebrated at night, but why not give a beautiful afternoon a try? Take a beautiful fall walk or bike ride through tree-lined streets to see all of the awesome decorations around you. if there's an open-air market, give yourself a spontaneous treat to pick up some last-minute gourds or drink some warm apple cider.

How are you celebrating Halloween this weekend? Share your ideas and costumes with us on Instagram @prometheus_apartments