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A Pie Themed Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving gatherings are a festive way get your friends together and celebrate the season. Traditional Thanksgiving celebrations have changed over the years and become less work, more fun, and more about what makes a friend group unique. Friendsgiving goes way beyond traditional turkey and stuffing and the stylized events are easy and fun to plan.

Now is the perfect time to plan a Thanksgiving. Choosing a theme is easy, whether it’s an all appetizer Friendsgiving or an all dessert event, it’s always fun to get creative with your friends. Some popular ideas for Friendsgiving include: pie themed Friendsgiving, pajama themed Friendsgiving, deconstructed entrees Friendsgiving, and meatless Friendsgiving. Here are a few ideas of what to serve at a pie themed Thanksgiving:

Holiday Appetizer Pie: Keep this course on the light side as your guests are about to indulge in several pie courses. Try this appetizer pie, it’s small and an individual serving which makes it different from the standard pie, plus it’s light and easy to make.

Turkey and Vegetable Pie: This recipe takes the turkey, the veggies, and the gravy and cooks it in a pastry. Nothing says thanksgiving like a turkey and vegetable pie.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Pie: It’s really not Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes and gravy. This mashed potato and gravy pie recipe takes the two favorites and puts them together in one pie, perfect!

Vegetarian Vegetable Pie: This vegetarian version is savory and has all the aromas of a traditional thanksgiving without the meat.

Traditional or nontraditional, dessert is a must especially at a pie themed event. This is a great resource for a collection of holiday pie recipes that run the gamut from super traditional to very creative. Again, consider your guests and plan to their tastes and styles.

Another great thing about Friendsgiving is you can involve your guests in so many ways! They are your friends after all, so they want to help! Sticking with our pie themed Friendsgiving, you could involve your guests and help them take leftovers home with these fun DIY pie take home boxes.

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