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5 Ways to Recycle Your Valentine’s Flowers

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you probably have a beautiful bouquet of roses sitting in a vase in the middle of your kitchen. The flowers will stay beautiful for another day or two, but this year skip tossing them in the trash. Repurpose your flowers and keep the love going all throughout the year with these fun ideas.

5 Ways to Recycle Your Valentine’s Flowers
Rose Milk Bath
Milk baths are all the rage for some relaxation and extra smooth skin. Hang your flowers to dry out, then pluck the petals. Combine with powdered milk and rose essential oil, and then add to your bath. Bottle some up and hang out to friends for gifts, or keep it stocked for whenever you need a spa day.

DIY Hanging Flower Art Installation
Add a little whimsy to your apartment by artfully arranging your flowers into a hanging art installation. Tape the flowers directly to the wall (using colorful and wall-safe washi tape) or use twine to create a suspended flower mobile. If you are feeling especially creative, try arranging your flowers into an artistic shape or scene. It’s like having your own personal garden indoors.

Floral Ice Bucket
You can skip the standard bucket with ice at your next happy hour get together. Instead, try this floral ice bucket instead, complete with fruits and flowers. Grab two buckets, fill the largest with water, fruits and flowers, and then place the smaller (weighted) bucket inside and freeze. Ta-da! Keeping your drinks chilled has never looked so pretty.

Dried Flower Potpourri
Fill your home with the fresh scent of a woodland meadow with DIY potpourri crafted from the dried petals of your flowers. Add in a drop or two of some essential oils for the added benefits of aromatherapy. Sandalwood, benzoin, and cedar wood have excellent fixative properties and will leave your home smelling incredible.

Non-Toxic Bath Bombs
If the milk bath caught your attention, these bath bombs are sure to be a delight. Non-toxic, these bath fizzes are perfect for parents and children alike. Add in your dried flowers along with lavender essential oil for a perfectly relaxing evening bath. Use silicone molds to shape your mixture, and then watch the magic unfold when you drop one in the bath.

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean the love has to stop. Enjoy your flowers all year, and make sure to share with us your creations! Tag us on Instagram @Prometheus_Apartments. We can’t wait to see your flower masterpieces.