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4 Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

This Sunday is a big deal when it comes to sports and food. You might not care about who’s playing in the Super Bowl, (it’s New England and Philadelphia, btw). But, chances are you’ll be joining more than 100 million people to watch on Sunday, February 4 at 2:30 PST. At least for the commercials. Surely for JT at halftime.

4 Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

Americans will eat more than one billion chicken wings and more than 11 million pounds of potato chips this Sunday. But, all that’s kind of expected, isn’t it? It’s way more fun to put a regional twist on Super Bowl party food and import some East Coast classics out west this year. Here are some fun finger foods to try at your Super Bowl party.

Football-Shaped Soft Pretzels: Bring this stadium staple home with a batch of your own soft-baked pretzels. Try this easy recipe, and you’ll have salty, bready pretzel goodness to dip or enjoy on its own. Learn how to perfect your football-shaping technique using this guide. It also has an easy shortcut that gets you the same adorable football results with ready-made pizza dough.

New England Clam Chowder Dip: Few things scream East Coast louder than clam chowder and outrageous accents. Don’t believe us? You just pronounced it “chowdahh,” didn’t you? And, few things please hungry Super Bowl partygoers more than a hearty dip. This lets you use your Neighborhood grill well ahead of game time craziness, too. You can make it ahead and it will still be wicked awesome come game time.

Philly Cheese Steak Dip: As long as we’re dip-ifying classic East Coast dishes, we’ve got to give equal love to Philadelphia, too. It’s super hard to balance a whole cheesy hoagie and watch the Super Bowl at the same time. So, get the same classic flavors of a Philly Cheese Steak in finger-food form.

X and O Brownie Bites: Here’s a sweet way to enjoy dessert at your Super Bowl party. Make a batch of brownies. Any kind will do, but you can try this popular brownie recipe. Bake them in either a sheet pan or mini muffin tin. When they’re cooled, cut them into small squares or circles (or stay with circles if you’ve used the mini muffin tin). Then, mix up some simple white icing with powdered sugar and milk and pipe some white Xs and Os on top. They’ll look like they jumped right out of the playbook. You’ll also get bonus points, because they can do double-duty as kiss/hug Valentine treats.

Super Bowl Bingo: Finally, here’s a fun way to keep up to 20 partygoers engaged the whole time.