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4 Seattle Fitness Trends To Try This Fall

Make no mistake about it: Washingtonians are known for being pretty athletic, and it’s reflected by the creative fitness trends that pop up around the greater Seattle area. Now that the weather is finally cooling down, fall is an excellent time to try some of these challenging, creative (and rewarding!) types of fitness trends.


Before you climb Mt. Rainer, Seattle and Bellevue have rock climbing gyms that cater to all levels. Stone Gardens in Bellevue has many classes for adults and children that educate you on safety while learning how to navigate different rock terrains. More importantly, they can help you answer the age old question: “what’s difference is between bouldering and rock climbing?”

Other rock-related gyms to consider: Seattle Bouldering Project, Vertical World, and Parkour Visions

4 Seattle Fitness Trends To Try This FallPhoto credited to JK Usui.

4 Seattle Fitness Trends To Try This FallPhoto credited to JK Usui.

City Hikes

You don’t have to drive out an hour to find a good hike. There are many built in city hikes and walks that give you a diverse amount of stair climbing, hill climbing (have to love those Seattle hills!), and those iconic skyline views. Whether you’re walking through both Broadway and the old school mansions of Capitol Hill, or checking out the historic waterfront, city hikes gives both cardio and constant visual stimulation.

The best part? Seattle has incorporated many natural walkways within city limits, so breathe easily and often.

Trapeze Arts

Though you can’t exactly do this exercise outside, the trapeze arts are certainly a full body workout. Many of these fitness teachers are active performers too, and have done professional shows locally and beyond. You’ll feel like your flying (because, frankly, you are), while giving yourself a truly unique fitness experience.

Emerald City Trapeze Arts teaches both classes and performs shows, so you will working in a large room with nets, while places like Flight Room Seattle is a modified yoga studio for a more intimate look at the art of trapeze.

4 Seattle Fitness Trends To Try This FallPhoto credited to Jordan Pickett.

4 Seattle Fitness Trends To Try This FallPhoto credited to Emerald City Trapeze Arts.

BaDi Fitness

Forget Zumba, forget pilates, and forget anger management classes: there’s a fitness trend in Seattle that will knock your socks off (maybe quite literally). BaDi Fitness combines martial arts, latin dance, and a whole lot of whooping and yelling. There’s a certain freestyle accessibility to BaDi, which means beginners and experts are able to co-mingle together in the same class.

Interested in getting your inner angst out on the dance floor? There’s only one official BaDi Dance Fitness club in Seattle, and it’s located in Capitol Hill.

Let us know what you think of our recommendations! Share your fitness fun on Instagram and tag us with @prometheus_apartments. See you on the trapeze swing!